Site & Industrial Transformers are fully weatherproof and air cooled.


Power – 0.5KVA to 500KVA.
Primary and Secondary Voltages -110V to 3300V

Transformers for

• Construction Sites

• Industrial Factory Environments

• Civil Tunnelling

• Railway Underground

• Power Station Outages and Factory Shutdowns.

• Extensive stocks of new and Refurbished equipment.

Transformers can be wound step up or step down, double wound or auto, and protected by variable earth leakage if required.

Typical application – Metal Clad c/w Carrying Handles – Robust Construction – Normally fitted with 110v BS4343 Sockets with MCB & RCD Protection & covered by BS4363 regulations.


• Supply
• Hire
• Buy Back
• Purchase of Used & Second-hand equipment

Previous applications are

• UK & Overseas Power Stations

• Tunnel & Mine – Tunnel Boring Machine mine cables and transformers

• Water Authority – GRP Non Corrodable Cased Units

• Workshop – Wall Mounted Units – BS4343 Sockets

110V Transformers3 phase transformerTransformers3.3kV HV transformer