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We manufacture and refurbish a large range of temporary site electrics and heavy engineering products



We are extensively involved with the applications of Industrial  Plugs & Sockets. Manufacturing Combination Units - Power Tools - Lighting - Welding  & High Cycle Grinders.

The Socket Enclosures can be free standing or wall mounted - indoor - outdoor and can combine numerous voltages from one panel.

Typical application using BS4343 Plugs, Sockets & Connectors - (Type - Ceenorm - Ceeform etc.)




sockets #2


Typical uses:
Factory Service Pillars
Dockside Marine Bollards
Ship To Shore Supplies
Airfield - Aircraft Services Daleks
Bench Trunking Arrangements
Caravan Park Plug In Points
Water Authority GRP Enclosures - Cable Reels
Heavy Power Dockside Units 60 - 500 Amps
Watertight - Semi - Submersible Enclosures for Pontoon & Pier Applications.
Multipin Combinations - Factory Process Control
Single Pole - Heavy Current - Outside Broadcasting - Film & Television
Made up 16 - 400A Extension Leads in Rubber Flexible or Non Flammable PCP & LSF Cables. - Extensively used for Generator Connections.




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