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We manufacture and refurbish a large range of temporary site electrics and heavy engineering products


Site & Industrial Transformers are fully weatherproof and air cooled.


Power - 0.5KVA   to 500KVA.

Primary and Secondary Voltages -110V to 3300V

Transformers for Construction Site - Industrial Factory Environment - Civil Tunnelling - Railway Underground - Power Station Outages and Factory Shutdowns.

Extensive stocks of new and Refurbished equipment.

Transformers can be wound step up or step down, double wound or auto, and protected by variable earth leakage if required.

Typical application -  Metal Clad c/w Carrying Handles - Robust Construction - Normally fitted with 110v BS4343 Sockets with MCB & RCD Protection & covered by BS4363 regulations.

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Purchase of Used & Second-hand equipment

Previous applications are UK & Overseas Power Stations

Tunnel & Mine - Tunnel Boring Machine mine cables and transformers

Water Authority - GRP Non Corrodable Cased Units.

Workshop - Wall Mounted Units - BS4343 Sockets

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